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Diabetes Holistic Retreat in East Sussex

We started this diabetes and holistic retreat to help people find and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Using our wealth of experience in holistic techniques and yoga, we believe we have found a programme which can teach people about health and how to effectively manage diseases such as diabetes to limit the effect on their everyday life.

Diabetes Retreat

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition that has been growing very rapidly and has become an alarming threat to people’s health, especially in countries such as India, China, Indonesia and Russia. Holistic retreats are a fantastic way to combat this, which is why we offer a diabetic retreat centre where we can provide the information, environment and treatments to control and reduce the effects of diabetes.


There are more than three million people in the UK with Diabetes and it’s estimated that a further 800,000 have the condition, but don't know it. An estimated 30 million people worldwide had diabetes in 1985, but it went up to 135 million by 1995. The world Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that the number of people worldwide with diabetes in the year 2000 was 177 million, with the expectation it would rise to 300 million by 2025.


What our diabetic retreat can do for you

Whether you’re looking for help treating your diabetes or to educate yourself and learn about our holistic methods which can help you gain more control over your health, our diabetes retreat in East Sussex is meant for you. It’s very possible that our health programme can help to reverse conditions such as diabetes, over time allowing you to safely withdraw from your medication. We have already treated patients with very high blood sugar levels from as high as 18 and reduced it to 4.5. This has inspired us to set up this diabetes retreat centre and health retreat, where we can build up the diabetic patient's resistance to the disease, strengthen immunity and promote metabolism in the beautiful East Sussex countryside.


TS Clinic

After the completion of the four day diabetes focused holistic retreat, follow up treatments are at the TS Clinic in Bromley, Kent, BRI 3NH.